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Should be pretty self-explanatory!!


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Songs From The Blue House

East Anglia's premier, nay Award Winning folk/roots/bluegrass/country/acoustic...aah, what the hell. They write great songs. Go check 'em out.

Sad At The Clinic

East Anglia's premier pub party band. All covers band with the best good-time attitude you will ever find in a bar. If you want a really good night out these are the guys to see. Torchie (of Catch The Madness - see work page) is the (in)famous guitarist for this lot.

Flying Heroes

The vehicle for singer/songwriter/bassist/guitarist and teacher Carl Seager. Happy jangly rock and pop.

Alone Me

Ok... Essex based singer/songwriter team of Sarah Springett, David Booth and Simon Edgoose's music has been critically praised and accurately described as "Neil Finn meets Dido". If stunning, lyrical pop is your thing, these come HIGHLY recommended.

The Perceptions of Fish

Fish's official site.

Skyline Drifters

This bunch of drunken reprobates never listen to my requests for a more sober approach to the occasional gigs they do...


Norwich band signed to Island records. Radiohead meets Muse and Coldplay in intelligent, heartfelt rock material. If the keyboards sound naff it's because Tony repairs them occasionally...

Jo McCafferty

Talented Scottish songstress.

The Masque

Official Mark Wilkinson website.

Nick Zala

Session Pedal Steel Guitarist

John Young

The gifted keyboardist and singer songwriter who is totally capable of wearing all these demanding hats at the same time without having even a SLIGHTLY big head. Stunning intelligent music from one of the guardians of the great Unwashed (ie. unsigned Musicians). I have never worked for or with this bloke. But it might be nice sometime...

Vinko Radonic

A site with different links related to music, Korcula, Croatia, Big Game Fishing, Sailing, Windsurfing...

Haven Keyboards

Hammond and digital piano specialists! Plus lots of other keyboard stuff, of course. Tony works here occasionally too...

Lars K Lande Photography

Stunning Norwegian band and concert photographer