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Getting in touch

You can contact Tony by e-mail here

Who is this git ??

Tony was born on 30th July 1970. (Birthday cards and donations always gratefully accepted). We're still not sure how this was managed as his parents already had two almost teenage children, had vowed not to have any more and were probably not even talking to each other by this stage. Tony vigorously denies any resemblance to the milkman. Mind you, so does his Mum... Read more...


The debut album came out in February 2002 and, although Tony has done solo gigs to support this, it is far from a one man project. Principal helper and one-man session band and studio is Jason Bangalot who covers drums, bass guitar, the percussion that Tony can't do (ie. most of it), the backing vocals Tony can't sing (ie. most of the lower stuff), engineering, mixing and co-producing... Read more...

The Post Room

The space on the site where the team that has made TT's solo slot in life possible... Read more...